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Thread: XTS5000 6.26KHZ steps

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    ronen No Longer Registered

    Default XTS5000 6.26KHZ steps

    What is needed in order to allow XTS5000 to do 6.25KHZ steps ?
    Is it a software release ? if yes from what release it can do it ?
    is it a Firmware ? if yes from what firmware can do it
    Is it any other thing ? if yes what is it ?

    Thanks forward
    Ronen - 4Z4ZQ

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    standardmissile No Longer Registered


    Select CQPSK for the modulation settings. C4FM is the 12.5 KHz mode, and if you have it, WIDE is 20KHz mode.

    Under Astro (legacy) Series equipment it falls under the "ASTRO" tab under the "Digital Modulator Type" dropdown menu. For Astro25 I don't recall offhand.