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Thread: TRBO and talkaround/dirrect

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    Default TRBO and talkaround/dirrect

    I have some questions for the forum that was recently discussed with a group of users. When a subscriber is using the repeater, they are transiting 50% of the time using one time slot at 12.5 KHz wide. Since the radio lets you know when your out of range or someone is talking over you, is the subscriber's radio TX 50% and RX 50% to listen to the repeater output? When a subscriber goes to simplex/talkaround/direct, is the radio TX 50% of the time or 100%? If it's 100% of the time, would that mean that we get more error correction? We did a audio quality test between repeater and dirrect, we couldn't tell a difference in voice quality.

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    It's still TX 50% while in simplex mode.