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Thread: Motorola WPLN4114AR charger and EFJ Li-Ion

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    Default Motorola WPLN4114AR charger and EFJ Li-Ion

    I picked up two of the slim EFJ Lithium Ion batteries that were on sale at the auction site, and I was told my WPLN4114AR single bay Impres chargers would charge them just fine.

    Unfortunately this is not the case. One of my chargers has firmware version 1.30 and it charges the EFJ batteries just fine. My other charger, with firmware version 3.40, rejects both EFJ batteries and flashes a red "unchargeable" indicator light.

    What's going on? How come one charger won't recognize either battery, and why aren't either chargers allowing for reconditioning?


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    i seem to have the same problem with another efj battery.