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Thread: Whats the common denominator?

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    Default Whats the common denominator?

    I have been working with several Astro + radios over the past couple of weeks and have noticed a recurring issue. When programming these radios for no affiliate scan they affiliate constantly. This has been present with firmware versions 3,4, and now 8. I am using CPS version 18.00.03. Once Mars flashes the radios to the latest and greatest firmware version everything works as it should. Is there an issue with the new CPS and older codeplugs? I am very frustrated with this and want to find the answer. Mars has been very helpful in updating the radios but there are so many that he can do. Thanks for everyone's insight in advance.
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    I think it's just ancient firmware. I once had an XTS5000 with (get ready to laugh) HOST/DSP version 3- early 2003 radio. and it would CONSTANTLY affiliate when scanning (and normal priority monitor) on EVERY TG member it landed on. Ended up getting a call from one system manager telling me one of my radios needed service. Once I had it bumped to R15 (current at the time), the problems went away. So, I think it's just the really old F/W. Even version 8 is at least 7 years old. A quick look at the matrix shows many many bug fixes since then. Anything 12 and above seems to be stable (with one or two exceptions) compared to those vintage releases.