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Thread: Can the XTS5000 do Phase II?

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    Default Can the XTS5000 do Phase II?

    I understand that you can flash a XTS5000 and it will do Phase 2...... Is this correct? THANKS!


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    Nope. The xts/xtl series will never do anything but phase 1 FDMA

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    There has been some debate about it, but I don't think the 5000 has the required hardware to handle TDMA. In order to do it, you have to be able able to INSTANTLY gate the TX on and off. That sounds like it should be simple but it's not - a normal transmitter takes between 5-20 mSec to lock, come up to full power and stabilize. That seems like a short time but to do TDMA each transmitter has to come up at full power, and fully stabilized for it's time-slot, then be able to STFU immediately and turn around for RX, so it doesn't mess with the next transmitter's time-slot. I don't believe the XTS5000's have hardware that's capable of it.

    The other issue is that the 5000's are at end-of-life in another month or three from the sound of things, and of course, they want to push people toward the APX line anyway, so there most likely will never be a TDMA upgrade for the XTS5000's (even if the hardware could handle it).

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