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Thread: Converting HP UHF spectra to HP astro spectra.

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    Default Converting HP UHF spectra to HP astro spectra.

    Sorry if this question has been asked before. I did a quick search and couldn't come up with any info. Here or on google.

    I have a few high power UHF spectras laying around and I wanted to do some tinkering.

    What would I need to do convert a HP spectra to a HP astro. IE what boards do I need? Is it a simple just swap some boards out change the control head and blow a correct S record in and re align?

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    The following applies to regular power Spectras. I don't know what (if anything) is different about high power radios, as I have never worked with them.

    You'll need the RF board and the logic board from an Astro Spectra. The RF board is not split-dependent; that is, you can take the RF board from a 403-433 Astro Spectra (for example) and use it for your project. The parts that are split-dependent (PA, VCO, and preselector) are interchangeable between Astro and regular Spectras. You can use the logic board from any Astro Spectra (VHF, UHF, 800). You can actually use the RF board from any band radio as well, but you'll have to swap a lot of individual components. I know someone who converted an 800 board to a UHF. It works fine, but not worth the time and effort unless you really like soldering. It would be easiest to get the RF board from a UHF Astro Spectra (but again, split doesn't matter).

    I've done the conversion before and it was pretty easy.

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    There are several threads on this forum that address this conversion in detail; you may need to modify the VCO slightly to get it lock down to 442 MHz or below if this is for ham use. I posted quite a few how-to messages on here related to VCO conversion and modification. Do a Google site-specific search for Spectra VCO, or VCO Mod.