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Thread: Motorola APX7000 Channel knob freeplay

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    Default Motorola APX7000 Channel knob freeplay

    Hi all,

    Is it common for the APX7000 channel knob to have some freeplay? or, is it rather tight? Further, what would be involved in finding a solution for this problem? The knob seems to be in good shape. The knob moves about the width of the white line on the knob its self.

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    Yaesu No Longer Registered


    I got an APX7000 coming up on 4 years and have used it every day. Usually switching between ch 1 and 3. The knob has loosened up slightly, but has very little play and no wobble to it. Still has a distinctive click to each channel.

    I've seen some life excellerated radios that had very loose channel selector with lots of play.