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Thread: VMR650, VMR850 MCS 2000 Based Data Radios

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    Default VMR650, VMR850 MCS 2000 Based Data Radios

    First ,I am new to this forum, Thanks in advance .
    Has anyone tried to convert the UHF Series VRM650, F3451A, and the VRM850, F4451A back to a standard MCS 2000 analog radio with software/firmware upgrade and a control head such as a model 1

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    If I recall correctly, you simply need to place a control head on it to make it work as a standard radio. It's been a long time since I've done this, but I believe it worked.

    You had to do this in order to access the radio with Tuner to put it back on frequency if it had drifted, as this couldn't be done from the VRM itself.

    What model control head you have to use is beyond me. I'd assume these are all model I radios. Again, not 100% sure.

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    VRM650s are model 2 MCS2000s, and yes, all you need to do to make them a regular radio is swap the modem head for a regular control head and disable VRM650 under Radio Wide in programming. I've seen some that were flashed for Smartzone trunking (no MDC features) and others for basic conventional (full MDC features.) They make excellent single-channel repeater TX/RX or link radios.

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