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Thread: Astro Saber universal connector pin configuration

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    Default Astro Saber universal connector pin configuration

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody could tell me which pins on the universal connector on the back of the Astro Saber are used in changing firmware. I know the way they are numbered but I'm confused as to which pins carry the data.

    Any info would be great.

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    We have the service manuals for the Astro Saber series available for download. They call out the connector pins and explain the signals in detail. There is also a quickie diagram of just the pins floating around on Batlabs and here, as well as diagrams of the programming and flashing cables, IIRC.

    Search, search, search...

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    Here is what's required: (courtesy of batlabs)

    You only need to use the connections/lines going from the D-connector, to the Universal Connector. Ignore anything going to the cylindrical connector.

    Forget about using a speaker-mic cable; not all the lines are present. However, I have used old Hirose connectors and moved some of the pins around, then wired in with a DB25/cable. That's your best bet. The diagram above is 100% accurate and I built a flash cable based on it.