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Thread: Radio Wide Scan

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    Default Radio Wide Scan

    I have a 5100 (I think its an ascend model) I currently have programed the following systems in the central Ohio area.

    Zones 1-16 Franklin County Public Saftey (Motorola Type II Smartnet )
    Zone 17 Worthington/Dublin (APCO-25 Phase 1, 9600 Baud)
    Zone 18 Grove City (Motorola Type II smartnet)
    Zone 19 Ohio State University (Type II smartnet omnilink)
    Zone 20 Franklin County Public Service (Type II Smartnet)
    2one 21-23 Franklin county Public Saftey Type II smartnet
    Zone 24 Conventional 800
    Zone 25-26 Delaware (Apco-25 Phase 1)

    Ok so here is my issue.

    Several of my friends of these types of radios of various degrees, some peoples RWS (Radio Wide Scan) works and others (including mine) don't. We all have the same programming by a legit radio programmer with the county radio communications board.

    Here is the main issue. I can not get mine into RWS well it goes into the programming and says RWS but here is what happens.
    My scan pattern has some channels in the above zones but it only scans what channel your on from zones 1-16 then it will scan zone 17 then 18 then 20 then 25.

    But the way I understood it was suppose to work is anything in the scan pattern would scan so but that does not seem to work. Only the channel I am sitting on will scan.

    Is my contact missing a key stroke in the programming?

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    I have a V4 5100 and have noticed the radio wide scan is pretty buggy and inconsistent.

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    Anyone have anything else to discuss on this topic??

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    Just a quick suggestion, have you checked the tuning on the radios lately?

    How many of the systems are narrow-band, and are you having more trouble with them than the wide-band ones? Tuning becomes a much more important issue with the narrow-band systems, and can make a big difference in receive performance. This applies to any radio, usually problems with "It gets some things but not others" wind up being tuning related.