Have a couple of XTL 2500 radios on my bench.

Two of them don't like to purge all the old channels from the memory when doing a drag & drop. Nor do they like to accept the soft button line up. Need to change it manually. Anyone else seen this issue before?

Another XTL 2500 is installed to turn on using switched power. Programing has it set up for Ignition Only Power-up. When the vehicle mains are turned on radio fires up. However when the vehicle gets started and the voltage dips, causing the radio to brown out, it never restarts.
I changed the Ignition Switch to Soft Power Off and now it follows the switched power all the time but the idea of using the Ignition Only was so we could disable the power button on the radio to eliminate user error.
Any idea why it's not doing what it should when programmed with Ignition Only Power-up?

I'm thinking perhaps a bug in the firmware?

Thanks in advance.