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Thread: Simple question, connecting two XPR repeaters together via IPSC on same network?

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    Default Simple question, connecting two XPR repeaters together via IPSC on same network?

    I have been researching this and experimenting with little luck, System Planner is helpful but terminology can be a little over whelming with my limited IT knowledge.

    What is the easiest way to connect two repeaters together on the same internal LAN network with IPSC?

    I have tried a simple connection using a 10/100 switch, assigning a master and peer with their dedicated IP's with what I think should work as opposed to the connection to the C bridge.

    I would have thought it would be relatively simple?

    Still new and learning IPSC config and networking.


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    It should be that simple. Make sure you are putting the IP address in the right spot. There is a spot for the site connect info and a spot for the address that the repeater is assigns to the usb connnection.
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    In the networking section of the codeplug, make sure you define the "Master IP" in the Master repeater as it's own IP...leave the "Master IP" field blank. In the Peer, you enter that same Master IP into the Master IP field, and also give it it's own IP. Also, it's very important to give each repeater it's own unique radio ID...if you leave them both at the factory default of "1", they will never talk. Lastly, I forget what version of firmware actually enabled the ethernet port on the repeaters, but just try & make sure it's at least 1.04 or greater to be safe. It helps if they are the same revision. Can you ping both repeaters through the switch?