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Thread: QC II Matrix

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    Default QC II Matrix

    Would anyone know a way or combination to get all of these tones on one channel to alert and decode?
    I'm not really good at comparing them to the available options to make it work. I doubt it will but maybe someone can meld it together in their mind.
    Unit # Tone-A Tone-B
    E1 1122.5 1285.8
    E2 1153.4 1321.2
    E3 1185.2 1357.6
    E4 1217.8 1395.0
    E5 1251.4 1122.5
    C1 1285.8 1122.5
    Dir 1321.2 1153.4

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    Which pager? The Minitor 5 is capable of 8 two-tone pairs. I see a couple of instances there where the tones might be too close to another tone in a different pair. In that case, try splitting them down the middle and entering as a custom tone.

    Of course, test everything on a service monitor and then the actual system before putting into service.

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    Oops forgot that. It's my VHF XTS2500.