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Thread: Astro Spectra Problem

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    Default Astro Spectra Problem

    I have an Astro Spectra that shows to have Firmware 8.15, DSP: I06.04.09 Flashcode: 500008-000480-0. When I switch to a 9600 baud trunking system it shows fail 002 on the display. Anybody have any ideas as to what's going on?


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    It means don't do that. Seriously, I think FAIL002 is what happens when a 9600 codeplug gets dumped into a non-9600 capable radio. I believe you need firmware version 10 to support that and it sounds like you may have a 512K radio, in which case it's about maxed-out as-is.

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    You are absolutely correct. It has the 512 vocoder in it. Thanks for the reply.