Regarding XTVAs my experience is rather limited. I have reviewed all the information I could find, but did not find a solution!

The XTVA in question is a 'E' revision (specifically NTN8560E.) So far just testing on the bench with several XTS5000.

So... inserting the radio with the following batteries works as expected:

HNN9031B (NiCd, Impres)
NNTN4437B (NiMH, Impres)
NTN8294A (NiCd)
NTN8610B (LiIon)

And these do not show any charge indication whatsoever:

NNTN6034A (LiIon, Impres)
H8610-LiP (LiPo, Honeywell)

The problem, of course, is that I wish to use the batteries that don't charge!
All of the aforementioned batteries function perfectly in a standard Impres desktop charger...

Any insight? The service manual makes no mention of specific compatibility other than that Lithium is supported in 'B' revision XTVAs and beyond. I know that the 'G' revision is the latest of the XTVA, but I have not seen any summaries of the changes.