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Thread: EFJ 5100 accessory connector

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    Default EFJ 5100 accessory connector

    My accessory connector on the side of the HT got jacked up. Anyone know where I can purchase a new flex cable? Or even a broken, not working efj 5100 for cheap and scrap the part?

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    You will need to purchase a new housing for your radio. The accessory port and button assembly (PTT/and side buttons 1-3) are for the most part integral with the plastic radio case/housing and cannot be changed out by themselves. New housings are relatively cheap and will make your radio look new again, but keep in mind that if you do purchase a new housing they do not come with the name badge ("ASCEND" or "EF Johnson" or "EF Johnson 5100", etc.) and they also do not come with the little square sticky protective cover on the bottom of the radio that covers the metal tabs of the RF deck where they penetrate the housing.

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    It wouldn't be cost effective to purchase a new housing. It's $235 for one. Nothing on ebay either. Maybe a Moto xts/saber radio can be swapped on parts. EFJ 5100 is a moto anyways. lol