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Thread: turning digital on and off?

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    Default turning digital on and off?

    there a way to turn the astro digital on and off like secure on an xts3000? Or would i need to program 2 different personalities with it. conventional talk-around freq's.

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    If you mean assigning it to a button or switch, no. 2 personalities are required, one with transmit mode digital and one analog.

    If you want more info about buttons and keycodes, read the thread here about the TMS-to-PWR button hack on the XTS2500's, that mostly applies to the older ASTRO series as well.

    However, I will tell you that several of my colleagues and I looked into exactly this on the newer ASTRO25 radios and never had any luck with it. Believe me we tried, even to the point of exhaustively trying every key code combination from 0 to 255. I can pretty much say it's definitely not possible.

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    The Astro Spectra Clean Cab locomotive radios will allow this, but it is done on the CC controller, it also allows the user to select separate TX/RX channels.

    Most other manufactures have dynamic mixed mode RX and will switch the TX mode depending on the RX mode, not sure why Moto never gave the user any control.


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    sigh.... I was hoping it was something I was or wasn't doing. Thanks

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    How about making 2 zones next to each other, one with analog and other with p25 personalities. Then use 2side buttons as zone up and zone down so you can easily flip between them. I have one of my radios setup like this. I just have to remember which direction to go. If I mess up I keep going until come back around to it. I recently programmed my ABC switch to have a zone lock to prevent accidental changes.