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Thread: programming mcs2000 via ACC with rib - no head

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    Default programming mcs2000 via ACC with rib - no head

    gday all, as the topic states.. i have a few model 2 mcs2000 uhf but i do not have the remote heads .. i have an legit rib and programming cable for the bottom acc connector.. if i plug them up and try to read to them will they power up themselves? or do i need a head to turn it on first? thanks all.


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    I think you need to connect some wire to make the radio power on.

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    I tried this the other day when I changed the codeplug in my MCS that I run in the car as I only have a accessory program cable too. However, it didn't work for me.

    Long story short, I then had to take out the control head, convert it back to a dash mount, program it, then reinstall the head and convert back to a remote mount.... I will be buying a control head programming cable soon to say the least