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Thread: Astro Saber III VHF with Homebrew Repeater Problem ???

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    Default Astro Saber III VHF with Homebrew Repeater Problem ???

    Hi, i'm modify few analog repeater to make D-Star in Ham and working 100%

    Modified with success, MSF-5000, Motorola Mitrek Mobile, Kenwood TK-805........

    Now i'm get 2 Astro Saber III VHF to make P25 TEST, and not able to get decoding in P25 ?

    I'm see on this forum few guy get working 2 mobiles Motorola GM300 with inject direct discriminator to modulator.....

    I'm test 2 Mobiles KEnwood TK-805, one with Discriminator feed to modulator, and D-Star working but not P25.....

    I'm test also an audio inverter without sucess, i supposed, possibly my Radio programmation ?

    I'm programm one channel in Digital for my repeater, the astro menu is Digital CSQ, to bypass all network ID and talkgroup...

    Any of you have Idea ?

    Thank you

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    In my area there was a Micor that was set up to pass P25, and it would also pass dstar just fine.

    Fisrt thing on your Astro, are they P25 CAI enabled? Can you talk radio to radio in P25? If not please post your radios flashcode, and host and DSP revisions. Also proper alignment is a must on the Astros.


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    Make sure your deviation doesn't exceed 2.83khz.

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    YEs i'm say, i'm take today two motorola Mitrek VHF, feed discriminator of RX to Modulator TX,
    with in serial a capacitor 0.1 UF and trimpot to adjust the deviation and Working analog, D-STAR and P25 !

    But i think its not all modulator working good with P25...More critical as D-Star....

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    Hi, no i'm disable CAI after see the description !

    My flashcode is: 100008-000000-0

    DSP is: I06.03.02

    I'm get working my Motorola Mitrek in D-STar And P25, working very good !

    But i'm search for small synthetised Mobile to make same....

    I'm see in forum, its possible with MAxtrac and GM300 ?