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Thread: Multi-regional MotoTRBO CPS

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    Default Multi-regional MotoTRBO CPS

    Hey guys!
    The tip about having two ASTRO25 CPS versions installed simultaneously is great. However, for some reason it won't work for TRBO CPS.
    I've got a european DP3400 and an american XPR portables. But the software won't let me install 2 versions together. I tried creating a custom folder at root C and putting the containts of the TRBO CPS folder from the Program files. The program won't run this way. I also tried copying ADK folder contents into my CPS custom folder. No luck either.
    After all I ended up having two TRBO CPS folders (one for the EMEA, another for the US). When I want to program DP3400 I place the EMEA version to the Program Files, if I need to program an XPR I replace it with the US CPS.
    Needless to say how unconvenient, time-consuming and uncomfortable it is.

    So, the question: is there a way to:
    -have two CPS versions for different regions installed and working together?
    - modify the CPS to support other region radios?

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    Sounds like a job for a Virtual Machine. You can have one XP "box" with EMEA on it and another with the US version. You hopefully won't need to run them at the same time since they might compete for host system resources but it would be easiest to keep them separate that way, plus you have other niceties like being able to roll back to a check-point if you try to upgrade versions, etc. and things go awry.

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    Trbo will run fine in multiple instances of VMWare. I run these under Win 7.
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