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Thread: xts3000 fried

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    Default xts3000 fried

    I have a recently aquired brick I dont have any hope for it but Im wondering if anyone has come across this and knows what this could be and I always want to learn more and maybe someone will stumble across this another day.
    Luckily Im not out anything but certainly wont be keepin it. This xts3000 mfg 2003 model 3 UHF when turned on will display nothing although the green led will stay lit until turned off. I had left it on to see what would happen and 10 minutes later it was hot as a fried chicken wing obviously not good but cooled down after releasing the battery but how and what turns it into a zombie is my confusion

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    It could be a variety of things causing it to get hot, obviously that's not good. The best bet would be to find yourself a model I and "upgrade" it using the case and display from your brick since the guts are probably beyond repair.

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    I had an XTS3000 that had an issue when I was doing a firmware upgrading it and it got real hot after a short time. Unknown to me I had a bad ground connection on the RS232 port on the Thinkpad, I did try to recover the radio right away (before I found the com port issue) without any luck, but when I tried with another PC I was able to successfully re-flash the unit and that resolved the issue. That radio is still running after over a year later. That unit did have the green light on, blank display also. So you may want to give that a try, if you are unable to flash it most of the mods on here can offer that service.


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    A careful take down and physical inspection before attempting anything might be in order.
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