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Thread: 5100/5300 Alert Tone Receive

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    Default 5100/5300 Alert Tone Receive

    So, here's what I want to do. I want to create a personality on my VHF 5100 and 5300 which will only scan the NOAA weather channels. These channels would be scanned in every other scan list on the radio, but would remain muted until the 1050 Hz tone for a warning is sent. On my 5100, which is an ES model, I would also like to have my radio scan the local Skywarn repeater, and open squelch on that repeater when the net controller sends out two sets of Quick Call II tones.

    I have an Icom F1721D, which has this capability. I learned that the hard way when I couldn't receive audio on my local NOAA channel since it was muted until it received the 1050 Hz tone.

    Does the 5100/5300 line of radios have the capability to unmute ONLY upon receiving either a Singletone (NOAA) or QCII page (local Skywarn)?

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    I'm not sure about the ultimate answer to your question, but I think all you need is QC. The Skywarn sounds like they are using a standard A-B tone page, and to get the NOAA stuff, I think you can program that as a "long tone B" group call if the tone lasts 4-5 secs. You might not need singletone capability.

    Now, maybe someone more familiar with EFJ's than I can say whether they can do it or not...

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    The version 4 radios have Singletone Encode capability. I don't know how to find Decode. Only the ES models are capable of QCII Encode.

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    Sorry for an unnecessary bump, I've been having problems with the board all day. I did not expect this message to go through.

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    The later firmware version of the 5100/5300 only support single tone/QCII ENCODE, not decode.
    What you are attempting to do, at least in my experience is not going to be possible with your current EFJ radio.