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Thread: A problem and it's cause with my MTS2000

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    bang A problem and it's cause with my MTS2000

    Posted this in the Yahoo group, read below for my discovered cause:

    Sometimes on my MTS2000, when I turn it to a channel for one of the local ham
    repeaters where others are talking, I can't hear anything until I depress and
    release the PTT switch momentarily. Sometimes on changing a channel, it does
    this too.

    All of the personalities are set to carrier squelch on the receive side, so it's
    not that, and the repeaters are fairly close, so it's not an issue with weak
    signal or something. Also does it on the NOAA weather channels I have set as
    receive only.

    Example: I turn the radio (MTS) on to the local NOAA channel, verify my scanner
    is picking it up nice and strong, yet the MTS is quiet. If I leave it on for a
    bit, the NOAA channel will suddenly be received.
    Sometimes it picks it up immediately, sometimes not. What do I have set wrong,
    as this sounds like a software issue?
    I have messed with none of the Tuner settings, as my service monitor needs
    repair, and I don't know enough about alignment yet to mess with it.

    I'm thinking it could also be a battery issue. Aftermarket NiMh with an old Jedi
    6 port charger, battery is like 4 yrs old but holds a charge.

    It's the battery! fully charged, no problem. 1/4 charge or less, no receive until I key it up. Also the charger is designed for NiCd, but I'm using a NiMh, so it's probably shortening the battery life by doing that. (nicd and nimh are close enough in chemistry to not have any BIG problems, but probably not good for it. now a Lithium, ion in a nicad charger, BAD idea!)

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    Two things come to mind to check. Make sure "Smart PTT" isn't turned on. That makes the PTT inoperative if there is traffic on the channel, but if you mash it twice it will go through.

    Also make sure in the MDC or other signalling systems menus for the personality that you have them set to "OR" muting instead of "AND".

    If those are both correct, then that's about all the reasons I could think of the audio being muted - the battery being low seems unusual. Some radios have a setting for low battery threshold, but I don't remember if that's a user-adjustable setting with the Jedi series, but maybe that would affect it as well - if you can raise the threshold try raising it and see if the problem happens less. You'll get less time warning of low battery, but it may delay the onset of the problem.

    Either way the problem sounds genuinely weird. That may be a one-off problem just with that particular radio's hardware. If this was a common problem I'm pretty sure others would have noticed or experienced it.

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    I've seen this on some VHF Jedis (in my case MT2000's) that were made in 1997- bad caps on the RF board. I am not sure why but it seemed to be isolated to this lot of RF boards in radios that shipped in early 1997, they did exactly what you described. They also emitted some high RFI themselves, almost like something was going into oscillation. Depot ended up replacing the RF board and controllers on the ones I sent in for flat rate about 12 years ago.

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    On a full charge, the problem goes away, and I'd think with bad caps, it would always be there regardless of charge. Model is H01KDH9PW1BN S/N:466IWW4942
    Hopefully not bad caps, as I paid $200 for this unit from a fellow ham that I trust, and I don't have the courage to go desoldering SMD caps on a $200 radio!

    Update, serial number decodes to 1996 in November according to info on Repeater Builder, so mine isn't in the bad batch! (relieved!) it's older than I thought.

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    any other info on this? I'm getting a new battery as the one I have lasts less than a day on light usage. Charge measures around 8 volts with no load, but I have no way to see how it drops under load as I can't get the VOM probes in contact with the battery contacts with it installed on the radio.

    I don't think it's the smart PTT, as it's not a matter of me being able to transmit, but receive. And if I put the MTS on a simplex channel, and key up my other radio on the same channel, it works. Sounds like squelch. Strong channels get received, weak ones don't. I'll look in the programming menus for a squelch setting.

    I'm still definitely thinking software or battery.

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    I have had the same problem!
    And is what Alpha described with the MDC feature decode turned on and set for and/or mute I believe it was (could be wrong). It has been along time since i messed with mute setting, but you get the idea. But changing the mute settings fixed it. Really I should not call it a fix as the radio was doing what it was told, I just screwed up the mute setting programming.

    Let us know what the problem was, if it was infact a battery?
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    Looks like it's a bad board! Damn! Any idea where I can get a parts radio? Didn't see any on ebay.