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Thread: Just a couple questions on the MTS2000

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    Default Just a couple questions on the MTS2000

    I have got my hands on a MTS2000 and went round and round on the Motorola Solutions website. Trying to find the CPS for this for this radio was impossible. I did finally find rev. R01.10.00 on a CD at the shop.
    It is a low band so I can put it to some use unlike the 26 HT750's that are lying around.

    First question is - Do I have to use a smartRIB or will a standard one do?

    second - Naw, I'll wait for that one - just want to read it first... I have a lot of RIB's laying around but, only one smart one - It maybe works.

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    By lowband do you mean 30-50mHz? I certainly hope not.

    You can program it with a regular RIB. No SmartRIB needed.

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    Default I meant low uhf

    It does cover the 70cm band I tried to read it and the computer and the radio talked but, my software version is 1.10. I dug through every CD tray in the shop - no luck. It is almost impossible to find on the web. I logged onto Motorola and apparently they no longer support this radio.

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    I would try the next to the last RSS version as not all MTS2000 radios were programmed withe the newer CPS.

    What is your radio's model number?

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    b.bonham, did you bother looking in our File Download section? We have R02.03.00 (final version) available.

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    I find that the later RSS will force you to use CPS when the radio was programmed with RSS.... So I use the next to last RSS.

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    Thanks guys - I also contacted the corporate office up in Roswell and one of the guys found a R02.02 disk and is mailing it to me. I mostly work with Astro's as we had been the head installers in the Project 25 upgrade's on Ft. Bliss. Just last year I got immersed in the Mototrbo Connect Plus system. Who'd have thought 35 years ago - being a old school radio tech - I would have to learn networking!