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Thread: Problem with Mototrbo portable firmware update R2.06.21

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    Default Problem with Mototrbo portable firmware update R2.06.21

    Noticed the date on the link to Mototrbo firmware had changed on Sept. 6th. The following info appears with the link for Portable firmware. Looks like they need to clean up a bug.

    Portable (MOTOTRBO_2.0_R020621_040306_Portable.exe)

    For XPR 3300, XPR 3550, XPR 7350 and XPR 7550, used on frequencies between 403-425MHz, please continue to use firmware R02.06.11. Intermittent TX/RX issue was reported with firmware R02.06.20 and R02.06.21, for radios set to 403-425MHz frequencies. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    •To Firmware: R02.06.21
    •To Codeplug: R04.03.06

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    marcosorourke No Longer Registered


    I wonder if this has to do with a possible battery level display bug. I've noticed that after the last firmware update that our XPR 7550 radios show a lower battery level than reality. Our sales rep said they had an issue with a bunch of their rental radios with that battery display issue.

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    Greetings - I just took delivery of 2 XPR7550 portables and waiting for my CPS order to go through MOL. In the meantime I've checked out the radios using the test mode on 444.35 simplex and am so far impressed.

    Question about the battery level display bug - does anyone know if that affects R02.06.11? I left a unit on sitting idle overnight on a channel/freq not used in my area and believe the battery level dropped more than it should have.

    Maybe a better question - what R level should I run the radios at? Stay as-is or downgrade them to what DMR-MARC currently recommends in their matrix:

    Mobiles and Portables

    Mike, VE7WV

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    Mike: Enable battery saver on the radios (and the preamble) . I think the repeater may need the preamble enabled; It's been a while since I programmed mine. It does make a difference in battery life.

    Unknown answer on your firmware question.

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    Mike No Longer Registered


    Copy that, will do once the ponderously slow procedure to obtain CPS via MOL completes. (!)

    Here's a mundane question: Is CPS downloadable from Motorola once my order is indicated as "shipped" or will I actually have to wait for Purolator to show up in the coming days?

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    Mike No Longer Registered


    Answered my own mundane question, made a call to MOL support and they made CPS show up on my account, yay, no wait for Purolator.

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    This thread is an example of why there should never be a rush to upgrade newly pushed firmware from Motorola. They have had a bad stretch of releasing defective firmware lately (Astro25 just had a booboo too) so it's always best to let someone else be the guinea pig... Unless of course the new firmware fixes a bug that is giving you grief or there is a feature addition you find useful. Latest is not always the greatest with Mother M...