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Thread: vhf vocon in an 800??

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    Default vhf vocon in an 800??

    ok so we had a bricked spectra plus 800 radio, I put a good vhf vocon in the radio and installed a an 800 code plug plus updated firmware. It took everything fine but when I went to tune it the only values listed were for the vhf tuning partition. Is there a way to remove the tuning partition and reload the proper one in it. after the firmware upgrade I used some software to try and upgrade the tuning partition and it told me I needed a special hardware key even though I had a flashkey in place.

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    Not using regular CPS. But you can use the srecord method mentioned in other threads. you will need a srecord of the 800 model and you should be ok. You will need to retune the radio with the proper tuning values that you indicate you have saved.