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Thread: MotoTRBO Telemtry

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    Default MotoTRBO Telemtry

    I am seeking information on the telemtry functions of the TRBO lines. Specifically the xpr 5550 and other mobiles. I have searched the web and have not come up with the info i am seeking so a came here with hopes someone will be able to enlighten me.

    I have seen videos on youtube of a MotoTRBO radio demonstration where the radio was hooked up to a water tank with water level sensors, a pump and a light. My main question is, How was this wired into the radio? What are the voltages and current limits of the accessory pins, etc.

    I would like to interface our severe weather siren with a TRBO mobile so that it can be set off remotely. IE momentarily close a set of contacts to set off the siren.
    I'm quite sure a relay will have to be used but im am unsure what will work as far as coil voltage on the radio end of it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Here's a start:

    See pages 40 and 41 for the pinout/specs. I know you need a lot more help than this, but this is all that's on MOL -- from my account privileges.

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    Thats all i could find on MOL myself
    Not much info there but thaks for trying.

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    Hi Rotorhead,

    Motorola supplies the source code and doco for that demonstration (don't ask my opinion of their doco standards ).
    This information is part of the Motorola Telemetry ADK - I haven't looked closely at it ... if you manage to join Motorola's 3rd party developer group - it is in a file named:-

    I have been led to believe that 3rd party developers are not allowed to disseminate these documents under their NDA.