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Thread: APX Remote Mobile Cable Cutting and Splicing?

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    Default APX Remote Mobile Cable Cutting and Splicing?


    Has anyone had any experience cutting and splicing the CAN Buss remote control head cable on an APX7500? I have a mobile installation that I will need to do this in order to fish the cable through existing conduit.( The connector is to big to fit through on this installation ) Is it easy to do or are there plated shields or wires that are problematic in soldiering this cable back together?



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    Wow. That's a tough one. Is this in public safety? If this is a new install in a public safety vehicle, you are of course, voiding the warranty by doing that. You might consider buying a spare cable and cutting it open before you start just to see what you are getting into, although I can't think it would be that difficult.

    Sometimes you just have to let the customer know what they are biting off. I could never sanction this if it were anything I owned, this is just asking for problems down the road, but your mileage may vary.

    Fixed installation?

    What are the circumstances where there is no other choice? I have installed radios in battle tanks. There is always another option.
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