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Thread: Alexander Optimizer 2006 instructions

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    Default Alexander Optimizer 2006 instructions

    Does anyone have a simple set of instructions for an Alexander Tech Optimizer 2006? I know there are only 3 buttons, but I'm playing with a spare scrap battery and can't seem to get it to 'do' anything and I want to condition a whole pile of XTS3000 batteries I have sitting here.

    I pop in a battery and it says the volts and "charging" then "Ready" but I want to play with the cool features. If it has buttons one would assume they would actually work. The unit was sold from a very reputable seller but he doesn't have any paperwork and Alexander is not answering their phone.



    EDIT: I got the buttons to do something. When I insert the battery and the ready indicator flashes, I needed to press the selected action. Oops.. It would still be nice to have a bit more comprehensive instruction set though.
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