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    OK; I'm pretty sure that by definition, this is the correct forum to ask these questions, since the RCH3000 is considered a "console". The L3029 is by definition for the iDEN product line. The L3030 is for the Astro line. The L3031 is for the MCS2000 line. 'Nuff said... I have a L3029. I'm trying to hook it up through the accessory connector #2 using just the CDN1336 (homebrew) DB-25 to RJ-45 interface. I'm creating a monster. My intention is to build a rapid deployment Pelican (or Halliburton) case with two Astro radios (VHF / UHF - possibly 800) that will include the two radios - both with audio interfaces and two RJ-45 jacks on the face of my monster that an RCH3000 or MC3000 could be plugged into. So; now to my question: Since the manuals are as clear as mud, and the product line is no longer supported; are the L30xx RCH3000's different - other than the face configurations? The manual shows only one schematic, and describes how to toggle between iDEN, Astro, and MSC2000 setups in the configuration menu. No mention of different firmware. Does anyone know if they are essentially the same creature with different default faces, or do they require different firmware, etc? Next; if there is a difference in the firmware; does anyone have a copy of the EPROM for the Astro version? Thanks!

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    WARNING! I do believe there are significant differences between the models of console and the types of radio systems. I have the "Junction box" for the MC3000 and RCH3000's, and that connects via a DB-25 to the consolette. On the junction box there are two DB-25's, one labelled "MCS/Astro" and the other "iDen", and I got the wrong one connected once, and POOF! It BLEW UP the junction box. Smoked a chip and a trace on the PC board, burnt the PCB, the whole McGilla. I was able to fix the junction box, fortunately, but I'll never mix them up again, let me tell you!

    Some of the manuals for the RCH and junction box are posted up here, I believe. READ THEM. WELL. The schematics will show what the hardware differences are, but you want the RCH for the proper radio type, in this case Astro. I think the RCH can have the "radio type" or "system type" (whatever) changed from the keypad, IIRC.

    The consolettes will hook to the MC3000 or RCH3000 with just an adapter, so your "monster" would need the internal board from a consolette which runs on 12V DC, so it would work, basically you will repackage a consolette into a suitcase, then run the RJ-45 out to an RCH or MC3K.

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    The "Monster" will be using ONLY the audio board. No Splitter / junction box. Been there, done that; got a tee shirt. I just want the option of connecting a desk set remote to the unit. The only reason I'm even using two audio boards (from the consolettes) is so I can do cross band repeat (On-Off switchable) and attach an additional remote, if needed. Also gives me record capability from Pin 11 of Accessory 3, if desired. The part I haven't "smoked out" (No pun intended), is that I want these to have W9 heads attached. Yeah; I know... It can't be done. Enter an idiot like me. I'm scanning the ridiculous schematics / manuals to see if there is a way to desolder the ribbon connector for the "W" series control head, replace it with a DB-25 pigtail that I can connect an already shortened W9 CH cable to and have the two radios, W9 control heads, PS's, audio boards, and necessary battery reverts in one unit. Abject insanity; I know... I've been studying the manuals for the Astro Spectra, Consolette, Splitter / Junction Box, RCH3000, and control head service manuals trying to extrapolate information. Obviously different technical writers... It's like interpreting technical Mandarin Chinese to English (Been there, done that, too). Holy $h1t! I've already designed the PS, battery charger / revert board, and tested them. I'll have two 12.5va, 12vdc gel cell batteries inside for a temporary UPS, with the option of operating off 110vac, or a serious Aunt Jemima 12vdc cigarette lighter type adapter with auto-switching between the three power sources. Tested my design, and it works flawlessly for auto switch power - as well as providing a charge / trickle charge for the batteries. Now comes the hard part... And; yeah... No crap! It's going to be heavy (~45-50lbs)! Thus; the Pelican case - with wheels.

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    OK. Did something really weird and it worked. I decided to build a rapid deployment radio system using two Astro Spectras, two consolette audio boards, a 30 amp PS, and the capability to plug in either a MC3000 or RCH3000 into each radio with cross-band repeat capability. Just for snakes and gerbils; I ordered a DB25 splitter on eBay and plugged it into J-5 (the left DB25 on the internal radio. I disconnected the W7 head from the audio board, plugged in a W9 vocon into the radio. attached the ribbon cable from the audio board to one of the DB25 pigtails and an actual W9 control head to the other. It worked on the bench!!! The buttons on the RCH3000 and W9 mirror one another, but both have independent audio levels set by their perspective volume rocker controls. OK; so I only had a few hours last night to do it before heading back out of town, but that much of the project is working. Cool beans. Next is to build the cross-band repeat cable from the consolette manual and incorporate the lines to the DB25 (Acc-2) and insert a switch to make the cross-band repeat selectable. I already used the DB25 to RJ45 singe handset and it works great without a digital splitter. This may well be the wildest creature I've ever built.