I'm wondering if anyone has advice about achieving the best coverage using remote receiving equipment to supplement (maybe in a voting-style setup) a GTR8000-based Expandable Site Subsystem (ESS) P25 voice-only trunking site in a non-simulcast configuration. The ESS will be located at a place where its ability to receive is impaired somewhat by a high degree of ambient electrical noise, but will transmit wonderfully. Talk-out will be fine, but talk-back will be challenged.

I figure that by locating some receiver hardware (could be a cut-down ESS, GCW8000 or something else) a few miles away and pumping the rx'd data back by a solid MW link, you'd be able to mitigate the impact of the local noise.

It should work, in theory, but I proposed it to our Moto reps - very solid crew, much respect - but got some raised eyebrows.

Anyone implemented something like this with success? I'd be very grateful for some detailed advice.