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Thread: Mcs 2000 button assignment and rssi

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    Default Mcs 2000 button assignment and rssi

    Hi hoping someone can help to explain a few questions regarding an mcs2000 with the type two head.
    In the cps their are options to assign the buttons on the head but changing them has no effect.
    Also curious about rssi function i can't find any button assignment info or anything related to enabling it in the cps.
    I.d no M01RLM9PW6PM
    And CPS 2.03.00
    I am using an aftermarket rib with the rj45 connector as well.

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    What firmware version is currently running your MCS?

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    Heres all the info
    codeplug 000F
    Firmware 05.72
    system package H35
    Flashcode 000001-000000-9

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    To the best of my knowledge, I do not believe that a MCS 2000 has a RSSI that will work in conventional mode. My understanding is the RSSI that is does have only works in trunking mode for the control channel. You cannot assign an RSSI button like a Spectra