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Thread: HMN4104 display microphone question?

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    Question HMN4104 display microphone question?

    Has anyone tried this microphone on an XPR Mototrbo model? Sin's the microphone has the same connector that XPR uses.
    As specially the non display XPR model's, i am asking because the micro is to expensive to buy and try it myself.
    Than i have one but have no use for it if its not compatible :P

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    Yes, it seems to work ok but no channel display. Oddly it will show the volume bar when changing volume though.

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    Hmmm to bad, would have bin nice if it worked. But when the important things ar not on display, it has no use.
    It's a nice micro but only when the channel en call id was on it i would have bought one.
    Thanks for the info