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Thread: APX7500 - "Ignition Auto Power Off" -

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    Default APX7500 - "Ignition Auto Power Off" -

    Anyone figured out a way to (a) make this feature activate in less than 15 minutes, and/or (2) sound the "bonk" tone for something less than the last 2 minutes (or 90 or 60 seconds, however long it is) before the radio shuts off?

    I have this feature enabled on the radio in one of my fire trucks, because it was wired to an always-on power source with the ignition sense wired to the ignition switch. I'm a little chagrined that Moto limits the shortest auto-power-off time to 15 minutes, but what REALLY bugs me is that the warning tone that the radio is about to shut off goes on for so gawdamn long.

    If I could figure out a way to have the radio power up automatically when truck battery power is switched on, I'd kill this auto-power-off cycle and just let the FFs kill the power by the battery switch. But when I set it up that way, it seems that the radio requires the user to power it on with the power button after turning on the truck battery.

    After looking at the help file in CPS, maybe what I want is to change "Ignition Switch" in Radio Wide/Features from "Required" to "Soft Power Off". Thoughts?

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    Yep, just set to soft power off. You actually have it installed properly - continuous power plus ignition control. The delay setting is if you want the radio to stay running for some period after ignition is lost. Likely a fairly uncommon configuration.