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Thread: XTS3000 FAIL 01/82 from (PC lock up when programming)

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    Thumbs down XTS3000 FAIL 01/82 from (PC lock up when programming)

    Hi all I Just got in a XTS3000 with FAIL 01/82(from the previous owner the PC lock up when was programming the radio then he got the FAIL 01/82 ???)I tried reloading a good XTS3k Srec with MTSXLNow the radio gets FAIL 01/ then it will switch on & off in a loop with FAIL 01/ I reprogrammed the bad CP back into the radio and i get the same
    FAIL 01/82

    any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Needs brain surgery with some special tools. I can fix for $40 + shipping. I'll also firmware refresh it.

    One thing you can try, is let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes it will stop rebooting itself and you MAY be able to force an s-record in. You definitely can't harm it any further than it already is. The contents of the 32K EEPROM are at fault here. The Radio Operating System (ROS) is reading the corrupt contents of your EEPROM, and puking on the bad data, thus the reboot loop.

    Totally fixable.