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Thread: Rogue iDen Network

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    Default Rogue iDen Network

    Ok so this came about as part of a discussion on another forum

    I have an 800mhz SMR license and was wondering with all the iDen stuff getting retired what is required to setup a standalone iDen network to just mess around with?

    is this even possible? some people have suggested it is possible to setup a base station in "trunking" mode which will give you 6 slots (one control, 5 voice) on one pair

    anyone have any insight into this?

    it seems like a lot of the parts are available but still very expensive?


    and the software backend is a mystery?
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    Hi flecom,

    Why put on-air a rogue iDEN network and not a real commercial one?

    To put on-air an EBTS, you will need an Harmony mobile switch and valid software licence from Motorola.

    You could also make an agreement with an existing provider and backhaul the EBTS site to their switch.

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    I am also interested in doing something similar. I has scoured the the google machine. No good information out there on the specific of iDEN. I know there's probably a lot that goes into even getting one base station working. Is there a way to run any of this equipment standalone or do you have to use controllers/switches?