Have an XTL5000 UHF High Power that used to be an XTL2500. Was running Host R16.00.00, DSP R16.00.01. Tried to upgrade to the latest R19 from MOL (using iButton), and CPS was giving crap about failing to open the port. It would then ask if it was remote, dash, etc, then would ask to restart to maintenance mode, but it would just come up to the normal Z1/Chan1 display after a restart. After a few retires with it not doing anything, I unplugged the CAN cable at the brick to force the head into Maintenance Mode and followed what CPS was telling me to do. It then proceed, the head went into FlashZap mode. All of the control head parts (host, pstd, nautilus) were upgraded, and one or two parts of the drawer were updated (i think boot something) before it complained about failing to open the port again.

Now it only comes up to Maintenance Mode, and after trying a number of different upgrades, including trying the last version of R17 and R20, trying a dirty FlashZap upgrade, it will change work with the head but stops with "Failed to open port".

So, is there a way I can recover this thing with standard CPS or theoretically with Depot, or does it need to have some chips ripped out an reprogrammed?

Thanks, Eddie