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Thread: Dmr repeater setup

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    Default Dmr repeater setup

    I was wondering what the basic repeater setup for a dmr repeater system would be. This would be a standalone repeater . I gather the repeater, duplexer, back up battery and antenna but what else if anything am I missing.

    Thanks ahead of time.


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    If you are putting it at a commercial site, you will need an isolator, the duplexer will need to be bandpass/band-reject, and I would suggest a front end preselector, as the Trbo does not have one.

    If you are going to use it for commercial service or for that matter, any kind of repeater service where you expect any heavy usage, I would plan on setting the repeater at 25w output. If you need more ERP than that due to feedline or combining losses at the site, you will need an outboard amp.

    Of course, if you are going to run an MTR3000, you can skip the amp, and you should order the MTR with the preselector.
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