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Thread: XTS3000 alignment?

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    Default XTS3000 alignment?

    Before I post the problem let me start by saying I don't ever consider myself an expert at all on anything Motorola. I joined this forum to learn. Over the years I've taught myself by taking radios apart, playing with RSS, CPS etc. Most of my knowledge or experience is strictly basic programming and not really all that extensive. I will search for things to make sure it hasn't already been answered but sometimes that doesn't work and/or I think my problem might be unique. Therefore I apologize ahead of time if the answer is easy or in front of my face.

    Ok so now my Radio:

    XTS3000 MII R
    Firm: 07.10.00
    DSPN: 08.02.06
    CPS: R05.03.00

    The Problem:

    Put a few conventional frequencies in the radio last night, everything transmitted fine and Rx was excellent. Put in an ASTRO conventional channel, transmitted a few times then the radio seemed to lock up, got the "tone" and wouldn't let me transmit "fail 001" displayed everytime I keyed up. Changed channel to mixed mode RX and then it worked fine. Finished up my programming, unhooked radio from everything, and did a few keyups. Noticed that every channel had either horrible static during transmit and some just wouldn't transmit on their frequency at all (particularly 154.1xx to about 154.400). I figured at this point that the radio is out of alignment. Not having a service monitor and having $0 in this radio, I thought I'd mess with VCO crossover in tuner after reading a few posts about that going off sometimes. I adjusted it a few kHz and the radio seemed better. The most interesting part to me is that I get fail 001 with "tone" during PTT only on certain channels. I also notice that the static on the others is not constant. I can key up on it, key up on different channel, come back and key up and the static is gone. I double checked everything in CPS and everything looked fine. I decided to key up some more and noticed that sometimes when I PTT I get the "tone" or the transmissions are static unless I continue to hold down button and then they clear up, if I continuously hold the PTT it'll go back to static. I also noticed that when on TX power low the static is worse but nothing is consistent. I charged the battery to rule it out (it's new).

    Sorry for the lengthy post but that's where I stand. I know I need a service monitor to do a proper alignment but is there anything I can do with just Tuner to rule somethings out and/or potentially fix issue?
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