53sl es ignition sense

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Feb 26, 2012
Is there a way to make the radio turn on and off via ignition sense. Trying to install in an ambulance and have the main leads hooked to battery and ignition sense to battery disconnect switch. Need the radio to turn on/off via switch.

Maybe i am missing a setting in pcc?


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Jan 23, 2013
In PCC there is a setting called Ignition Power Down (Global Page). It is defaulted to zero which means radio will turn on/off with the switch.
If you are using a master kill, then it will depend on what side of the master kill switch you hook the ignition sense line. You will want it on the battery side if you want the radio to power down correctly (save settings, etc..). If it is on the other side then it will power off instantly and will not store some settings (last channel power on, scan on/off, etc..).
I have seen them connected both ways, but I would recommend connecting to the battery side.


It sounds like what the person said above with the setting in PCC. But to make sure the 2 pronged connector gets hooked up straight to the battery with constant power. The flat connector that has the speaker and ignition wires in it gets hooked up to the switch or ignition.

Make sure the setting in PCC is set to where the radio turns off immediately when the ignition or switch gets turned off (it still takes it about 5-10 seconds to turn off). After that you shold be good to go.
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