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Thread: XTS2500 voting issue

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    Default XTS2500 voting issue

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to get some feedback from the experts here about an issue im having with one of my voting scan lists.

    This particular voting group will not open up on transmissions, when I press the monitor button the radio will land on a channel and remain open until the end of the transmission, then it will not open up again on the next transmission, or it will burst open for 1 second then mute then burst open for 1 second then mute during a transmission - sort of like a pulsing sound.
    Also when it does open after pressing monitor or burst open for 1 second the channel it opens on is not the strongest.

    I have changed the squelch settings down to 1, changed the RSSI setting to 01 and random settings in between, also the PL is set correctly, but it still does not seem to make a difference.
    When I go to the individual channels from the voting list they stay open without any issues, and the strongest channel comes through clear.
    It only happens on this one particular voting group, I have more than 20 voting groups in the radio and it only seems to be a problem with this particular one.

    The system being monitored is a UHF conventional analogue system with 8 channels in the voting list all which are simulcast.

    If any of you might know what the problem maybe I would like your input?
    Also what are the best settings anyone may of come across for voting a UHF analogue system? (RSSI settings, monitor time etc)


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    The fact that you have to press Monitor to get audio suggests a problem with your squelch condition, it sounds like you have AND squelch set when you want OR squelch.

    AND squelch requires you have proper code secure, or proper MDC or P25 selective call ID (either yours or a group call), AND, or together with correct PL/DPL/CSQ detect. OR squelch is how you would normally have a channel set up for regular everyday operations, AND squelch channels are useful for having a "quiet" channel that will only open squelch for a group or selective call to your unit only.

    The newer XTS2500/5000 series radios have the VMUTE menu/button item feature that toggles a normally OR squelched channel to AND, a pretty cool and useful feature.

    NOTE: This is a SIGNALLING CONDITION, in the MDC and ASTRO systems menus, it is NOT to be confused with the CHANNEL MUTE/UNMUTE CONDITION which has choices like AND/STD, AND/OR, STD/STD, etc. which are found in the "more parameters" screen of a conventional channel/personality.

    FWIW the CPS help is pretty good at telling you what default values are for the various data fields... Very rarely things do require tweaking from their default values but those instances are very rare, and messing with them should be avoided unless you have a good reason to change them AND know what you are doing.
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    Hi Alpha,

    Thanks for your reply. The system is a conventional analogue system with no signalling MDC or ASTRO, so I can not change anything in the MDC or ASTRO systems menus.
    This system has a PL code which is set correctly and when going to the individual channels they open fine with no problems on recieving.

    I started off with the default values and have been changing them around as the default values still presented the above problem.

    Thank you for your input, I will keep fiddling around with the settings see how we go, it is just strange that out of the 20+ voting channels there is only 1 voting channel that is having this problem.