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Thread: normalize output audio xts

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    Default normalize output audio xts

    Guys quick q.
    I have issues with audio levels on my 2500 and 3000's. Problem is audio varies from very quiet to very loud depending on (I am assuming) the transmitting radios voice level and mic settings. Is there anything else I can do ( non affil rx ) to help normalize the audio more? I have read the audio sticky but I think that applies to the talkers radio mostly. I'm am trying to get the cleanest clearest audio out to my automated computerized audio archiving system.has anyone tried using a pro audio rack mount compressor/limiter type device in radio field? For audio streaming or repeater / station links? Also have same issue with trbo to analog bridge device.

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    Yes, the largest system in the Chicago area is a system that has 3 transmit talk-outs simulcasted, with about 14 receive sites throughout the city. They use broadcast limiters and compellors at the main hub to condition the audio. They are in line after the voter stack, before the signal gets retransmitted back to the 3 talk-out locations. The use all Aphex broadcast equipment, first a compellor to compress/expand the audio and make it sound GOOD, then they use a soft limiter (also by Aphex) to limit the output deviation on the main and link transmitters. The IDC deviation controls on the actual repeaters are running wide open or were wired-out (IDC's bypassed completely) so at full tilt, the repeaters would run 7-8 kHz wide, but use the soft limiters to limit the system deviation to 5 kHz instead of the distorting hard-limiting the IDC circuit normally does. The other thing in the processing chain is a graphic equalizer to make the talk-outs at remote locations sound the same as the local talk-out transmitter (additional pre-emhpasis).

    I think that answers your question - the short answer is yes, and it works very well, the system sounds GOOD when everything is tweaked and all the levels are aligned properly.