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Finally programmed my titan. wish i would have bought a few more now;). The programmer i built had to be slightly modified since the radio did not supply 5 volts to operate the programmer . tapped the 5 volts from the serial port and added 5 volt regulator and small capacitor cured that problem. used pinout from manual and just connected send data to receive data, receive data to send data, rts to rtr ect. i am including a pinout of the rj45 connector as it may help someone in the future.
Thanks for the help. i'm sure i'll have more questions ==== like anyone know how to define the "AUX" button to reverse tx and rx frequencies so i can easily monitor repeater inputs ??? saw this somewhere but didn,t bookmark it <my bad>.
Hello everyone,
I have the original MIDLAND 70-1308A programmer, this programming cable have on Female IDC connector. I NEED the pinout connections to program one TITAN radio. (i want to make one ADAPTOR CABLE with one MALE IDC connector to one MALE RJ-45 connector).
I search all information on MIDLAND MLR Yahoo Group, and no has the exactly information to make this Adaptor. So please Help Me with this (ADAPTOR HARNESS CABLE). sorry for me English i'm Mexican.


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Dec 21, 2011
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