Hi Folks,

Here's a wierd one.

Got 10 APX boxes that the guys ordered the 'wrong' one. Should have been 'trunk' mount. They got dash mount.

Ordered the proper conversion kits from Motorola.

Got 9 of them done, no sweat. But, here comes #10.

Put the conversion kit in (new TIB, cable, CHIB). Got error message. Did some swapping of cables, heads, CHIBs, etc. "Narrowed" it down to a faulty CHIB.

Got new CHIB. Same Error code.

Did some more checking, and now it appears to be a Head issue. Pulled out the conversion kit, put the SAME head back on the radio (now dash mount), and all's well.

Error code is 05/93. Manual says "FPGA Init Failure - contact Depot".

Any Ideas?