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Thread: Atrocious spelling/grammar to be addressed

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    Default Atrocious spelling/grammar to be addressed

    Dear users:

    This is to give notice the moderation team will be cracking down on members who submit posts (usually made on a cell phone) which contain atrocious spelling and grammatical errors. It is getting to the point where it makes you and our website look stupid.

    The Communications Support Forum is a place for professionals to seek and contribute information related to our industry. When we get fools showing up who type in shorthand, can't spell or use any punctuation whatsoever, it makes this place look like an idiot hangout.

    The moderation team is reasonable, and will not be banning members for making a spelling mistake. But if you type like this:

    "i got mts2000 need cps.where to dl???" or "yeh i programmed my motrola radio & it not werkin lol..any idea...."


    If you can't be bothered to compose an intelligent communication, this forum is probably not for you. There are other places such as Radio Reference, which are much more accommodating when it comes to embracing new members with limited communication skills.

    If you're on heavy medication, please consider posting when your mind is in the right place. The same applies to "posting while intoxicated".

    Feel free to use your iPhone, tablet or other portable device, but put the extra 10-seconds into proof-reading what you've written before posting here. We also insist only human-beings post submissions, so if your chicken is on the loose, please don't let it peck on your iPhone screen.

    There are some wonderful "spell-checker" plugins available for browsers such as Firefox. I'm sure the same applies to Google Chrome. Please consider implementing these tools. I use the one for Firefox, and it works great. It even lets me use bastardized Canadian English, such as "neighbour" or "colour" without whining.

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