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    Default Banned email domains:,,


    Email accounts associated with, and domain names may no longer be used to sign up new accounts, or change existing accounts over to.

    These email services are used by spammers who sign up dozens of accounts per week here on our site. There's a lot of pre-moderation that goes on in the background to keep their garbage off the site. The workload is getting to be a bit much for our moderations and administration staff.

    We are unable to email the AOL.COM domain from the IP associated with the server, as AOL has us in a blacklist. As a result, you will never receive the confirmation email for account setup.

    Anyone on AOL should seriously think about getting a real Internet Service Provider.

    When signing up an account here, you need not worry about receiving spam to your private email account. We do not spam or sell your information here. If we did, you'd call us out on it. The only emails you will receive are topic reply/private message notifications. You may also receive rare broadcast emails from the site administrators, if the site domain name changes or there's an extended downtown (multiple days). You may configure what types of email you receive in the user control panel.

    We do not send out "marketing" emails, or "newsletter" emails. If we ever do something like that, it'll be something you will sign up for, not automatically "opt in" for.

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