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Thread: Astro mobile radio bus connections

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    Default Astro mobile radio bus connections

    Hi there,

    I have recently bought a DEK unit for my Astro Spectra 110W trunk mount radio. I have searched the web for days to get the info I need, but it was no use. I have found nothing. Please note that the Spectra / Saber series radios are unknown in my country, here in Europe sot don't tell me to go to my Motorola dealer. They laughed at me when I visited them last time. I'd need schematics about connecting the DEK and the Siren unit to my radio. The radio has a W3 control head.

    Thank you for your help
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    The analog Spectra DEK manual is up here: - You should have checked here first Although, searching for "DEK*" doesn't work - the internal search here doesn't find it for some reason.

    Specifically, the 68P801003W09-A_ST_IM_DirEntryKybd Spectra DEK Instruction Manual has most of the information you need, I believe it applies to the Astro Spectra applications for the DEK as well.
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