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Thread: trunking question

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    Default trunking question

    in a multi site motorola p25 trunking system what is the duration of affiliation after a join?? is there a keep alive or ping?
    when the user turns off the radio does it send a shutting down status?

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    Great question.

    The talkgroup affiliation-status of a roaming radio can be set by the administrator to time-out or remain indefinite. The system can also poll the radio to see if it's still online, monitoring its last-affiliated site.

    Most radios DO send a deaffiliation packet (ISW) to the site controller when they shut off. Some of the more welfare radios (The LTS2000 and GTX portable) do not. They "hard shutdown".

    MCS/MTS2000, XTS/XTL series, APX, ASTRO Saber/Spectra/Plus, all play nice and send deaffiliation packets upon powerdown.

    If you want to affiliate a talkgroup to a particular site, but don't want to lose the affiliation status upon a powerdown (monitoring with a scanner, at work, perhaps?), simply yank the battery, then turn the power off to the radio.