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Thread: XTS5000 UHF Mod I

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    I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction. I recently purchased a problematic XTS5000 model I at a hamfest for next to nothing thinking that if nothing else the case was in perfect condition and I could harvest some parts. The seller said that something happened when trying to upgrade the firmware but either didn't really know what the story was, or didn't feel like sharing. I put a fresh battery on it and fired it up, the green top LED lights as expected, but never goes out and there is no response from the radio when any buttons are pushed. For kicks I tried to read the radio, but as I expected CPS was unable to communicate with the radio. I'm guessing it's getting stuck during it's boot sequence, possibly due to corrupted firmware? Anyone have any better guesses on what this unit is up to and whether it can be reasonably repaired before I just part it out?


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    Sounds like it is stuck in FlashZap (bootstrap) mode. Reload the firmware.

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    Thanks, trying that now. Could be ugly as this is a UCM equipped radio, but I suppose I can't end up any worse off than it currently is.

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    It's making some strange noises now, but it's actually booting and allowing communication with CPS that's a step in the right direction. I'll keep playing with it. Thanks for your help.