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Thread: FAIL 001 XTS2500 M3 UHF1

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    Default FAIL 001 XTS2500 M3 UHF1

    Hi all guys. I have a problem with the Motorola XTS2500 M3 UHF1
    From time to time on my screen FAIL001
    This problem appeared after a long non-use of radio
    How can I solve this problem. Thank you all for your answers.

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    IIRC "FAIL001" indicates a VCO unlock, in other words the radio is attempting to tune a frequency outside the range of the VCO(s), this usually comes about when the band limits in CPS have been opened up beyond what the radio is physically capable of?

    What band split is your radio (or just provide the model number)? Does the error only occur on certain frequencies and what are they?

    I think there are other factors which can also influence VCO lock such as ambient temperature but this is unlikely if operating within specs?